LoveOSU started with a group of students praying together. The faces have changed, but this simple identity remains. We are not a  church, we are simply people from the university community who are learning to pray… by praying. In the process, we’re learning about God, about ourselves, and about each other. We’re making friends and enjoying time together. We would love to meet you!

We’re not always looking to host our own thing or reach the most people. We want to join with you in what you’re doing. We want to pray alongside you and trust Jesus to bring the body of Christ together. We want to support the move of the Spirit on campus as he stirs up students to see their friends reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The most recent prayer focus, announcements, and blog posts are listed below. To see past updates, click on the heading in the corresponding box.

Prayer Focus
Jesus, make me like you

Lord, make our hearts right before you. Meet each of us where we are and love us to the cross. Thank you for giving us your spirit and empowering us to finish the race. Rip every idol from our hands, tear down every high place in our lives, remove everything that gets in the way. Jesus, make us like you. We repent of our sin, both in action and inaction. Do not hold it against us any longer, but remember your promise to us. Write your law upon our hearts and teach us your ways. Holy Spirit, be our help and our counselor. Jesus, make us like you. Amen.

February 28th, 2014
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Final Time of Prayer

Our last time of prayer and worship with the graduating seniors will be Thursday, April 24 at 8pm on the Oval.

April 22nd, 2014
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Prayer Demands Action

For many years now we have prayed together, and it has been wonderful. But recently, I’ve found myself drawn to the idea that we are supposed to be the answers to these prayers. God must do it by his power, certainly, but we are not to be idle in the realization of the things we ask for.

March 24th, 2014
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