50 Hours of Prayer

From the first time that we met as a leadership team the idea of 24-7 prayer had been brought up, and if not 24-7 then at least 24 hours of prayer. The first week of November we met to discuss this idea. With thanksgiving looming, we knew we needed to get something organized quickly, little did we realize how our little idea would become something much greater.

Originally the idea was to hold 24 hours of continuous prayer on Friday Nov. 11th because we didn’t have classes that day. We went so far as to start planning how to do it, when we decided that we really needed to pray about it more. We were not all in agreement concerning the details of the 24 hours (and that’s unusual for the leadership team). As we were praying we asked God to provide insight into what he wanted and how we could best serve Him. He answered our prayer.

As we said amen the idea was mentioned that we should do 2 days of prayer. This resonated with us and brought together the two ideas of holding it on the 10th and the 11th of November. Many of us has dreams in which we saw bits and pieces of what we ended up doing in preparation for the 50 hours, but one message rang true above all others, “Walk by faith.”

Within 6 days the 50 hours of prayer went from a crazy dream to reality. After 3 of those days (and before the online sign ups had been established) 30 hours had been covered. By the end of Campus Wide on wednesday, all 50 hours were covered, with many of the shifts covered by multiple people. God is good.

Campus Wide that Wednesday was absolutely indescribable. God moved and brought glory to his name. Prayers were spoken over campus, healing began, and God revealed a picture of how he moves across our campus. When the campus map was put on the table, many people saw light beginning at the prayer house and slowly expanding outward to cover the campus. Others received sounds and other things that complimented the picture. The point was that the light moved slowly. It wasn’t always easy, and it didn’t happen overnight, but it advanced as we prayed.

I believe the 50 hours of prayer was just the beginning. People of all ages and from all backgrounds came and met with God, which is exactly why the prayer house was created. I fully expect that God will do something like this (or bigger) again this quarter, and frankly, I can’t wait.

  • December 27th, 2011
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