Fix Your Eyes

“Praise be to the wounded one
Glory and honor be to the son.
And we ascribe worth and give love to you Lord
Let the fragrance of our love go forth.”

We sing songs like this all the time, but how do we live it? How do we live each day bringing praise and glory and honor to the Son of God? How do we allow the fragrance of our love to go forth?

I do not believe the prayer house is the answer.

“We lift our gaze.
We lift our gaze.
We lift our gaze.”

Wounded One by Davy Flowers

Every moment of every day, we lift our gaze. We fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:12). The place of prayer is not the destination of faith but the means by which we lift our gaze and fix our eyes on Jesus. As we look at Him all else fades. He is the destination of faith.

I’m learning about the cost associated with following Jesus, and it is the cross (Matthew 16:24). Following Jesus is the most costly thing you will ever do. But the cost is secondary as I fix my eyes on Jesus. As I lock eyes with the one who created me and whose heart burns with jealous love for me, as I look at him and he at me I know that I have nothing to fear. I know that:

“it is my joy to love.
It is my joy to obey.”

And I hear myself saying,

“You can have all my heart.
You can have all my praise.
I will give you my life.
I will run hard this race.
Reaching for the prize.
I am yours and You are mine!”

It’s my Joy to Love by Sarah Edwards

And the prize? The prize is Jesus. And so I fall to my knees and lift my gaze. I fix my eyes on Jesus, my savior, my king, and my Lord and I know that nothing and no one can separate me from his love. I know that with God, all things are possible. Nothing is too hard, too costly, or too foolish as I fix my eyes on Jesus (Mark 10:27)

The prayer house is not the answer, Jesus is the answer. The prayer house is simply a space where you can pray and remember to lift your gaze.

  • January 20th, 2012
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