If not for your sake, then for mine

If you will not be free for your sake, then do it for mine. What treachery is this that you would go back having seen what you’ve seen and felt what you’ve felt. You know the way that is good and true. I want to be with you, and I want you to be with me. Will you then, for my sake, leave this way of slavery behind and come with me?

Will you give up this yoke of slavery? Will you cease to serve those that would have you killed? For they envy you. They know that you are destined to be with me, they know how I feel for you and they strike at me by taking you. So would you leave their world and come to mine? You cannot bring their world here, it cannot survive with me.

I see the struggle in your heart. I see the desire to let it go, but you feel such guilt for doing so. You believe them to hold some power over you. Let me say to you now, They do not care for you. You are only their means to make me suffer. But they have no hold over me. I cannot be made like them just as they will never be made like me. And you, I have laid claim to you. I paid for you. You are mine. If there is one who has any right to claim your life as payment for what has been done, it is I. But I will not do it. I will not take your life from you, though they would celebrate if I did.

But I beg of you, leave behind this death and surely you will discover life. There is so much I long to give you, you need only turn to me. You say that you are weak, that you cannot overcome, you say that you can’t do this. And you can’t. But I can, I have, and I will.

Your chains have been broken off. The price of your freedom has already been negotiated and paid. You are free. The only bondage you feel is that which you place on yourself. So walk out of this misery and come alive with me.

Look around. Do you deny the endless hours you have spent hoping for something more? Did you not know that there was more to life than this? And yet, when you glimpsed this life you denied it. When the path lay apparent to you, you turned back into the wilderness.

Far and wide have I searched for you. Every morning and every night I have waited, hoping you would appear. You hear whispers of what I have done, I tell you the stories are true. And do you know why? Do you know why I did any of this? Do you know why I gave my life to them? I did it for you.

I died so that you don’t have to. I, the only one who did not deserve death, took it on by my own choice. Not because you deserved it, not because you asked for it (indeed, you condemned me eagerly), but because that very act of surrender guaranteed, now and forever, your life with me. You are my crown. You are my reward. You are the precious one that I have bought at great price. A price so extravagant that no one could afford it. And you were so low that none thought you worthy of it. But this price I have paid, for you are worth it to me. Now will you deny me my victory?

No one can stand between you and I. It is only your choice that will keep you from me. I will not take your life by force. Surely I am able, but I will not for the same reason I gave my life. I don’t want your pity. I don’t want your duty. I don’t want your money, your time, the work of your hands. What value does any of that hold with me? Every word from my mouth has the power to create vast galaxies.

No, I want the only thing that you can give, and I want it all. I want your life, but not in the sense that your current masters have led you to believe. I do not wish to destroy you. I wish to give you my life. For my life, my love, is the only thing of lasting value. And I wish, every moment, of every day, to give these things, in exchange for you. All of you. I want all of your heart. I want all of your soul. I want all of your mind. I want all of your strength. If you will give me your life, I will give you mine.

  • July 13th, 2013
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