The Impact of Our Prayers

In the middle of 40 days of prayer for unity on campus, I felt like the Lord was calling us to pray for peace in Syria. I don’t know if we understood the impact those prayers could have.

It is prophesied that Damascus will be leveled to the ground, and I believe it one day will be, but today I believe the Lord is calling us to pray for peace. We are to intercede for the saving of life, for the outpouring of mercy in the face of judgement. This is what we did on September 10th, even as President Obama was giving an address to the nation about the conflict in Syria. Just days later we received work that the US would not currently go to war, but instead was working with Russia and had agreed to a resolution on chemical weapons. It even appears that Syria is on board with the plan. I cannot claim that our prayers were solely responsibly for this victory, but I believe the prayers we pray have an impact far beyond the immediately visible. Jesus is the God of all nations and all people, all time and all space. When we pray, his reach to change the universe is infinite.

  • September 15th, 2013
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