Prayer and Outreach

For the two weeks directly preceding Easter, we will be hosting prayer and outreach. We want to cover 12 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Here’s how it works:

You and a friend will sign up for a 2 hour slot. During the first hour, both of you will come to the prayer room to pray for each other, the campus, and the other ministry teams. Then the second hour will be spent evangelizing on campus. There will be specific outreach opportunities to help facilitate this time of evangelism.

During passion week, Awaken church will be holding a brief service every evening. This would be an excellent opportunity to invite those you meet to church. However, you are not required to advocate for any 1 church. Feel free to refer people to any church that will be able to follow up with them (preferably either Awaken or one that you are involved with).

Interested? Email to get involved. More details will be announced in the next week.