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Prayer Workshop

Today 9 of us gathered in my living room to learn about praying together. We were only in my living room because the space we had planned to use was unavailable. When we discovered this, I thought I heard God say “seize the land,” but I wasn’t sure if I could do that in this case. I wasn’t even sure if it was God.

  • January 27th, 2013

Partakers in His Kingdom

This weekend we had the privilege of gathering with many of those who have been a part of the prayer house both past and present to celebrate the seven years that the house has been open. I expected a simple evening of storytelling, followed by a brief prayer time together. We’d planned nothing extravagant—and indeed, the evening as it ended up wasn’t extravagant in itself. Yet I was blown away by the beauty of what went down Saturday night.

  • December 7th, 2012

This is what God said…


I had been asking God, “Why?” and “What comes next?” and all sorts of other questions that you start asking when you realize that a huge part of your life is about to disappear. The prayer house has been a place of meeting God and meeting friends for the past several years. I’ve seen God do incredible things there, both in me and in others. I look back and see how my life changed, and so it hurts to think about the house closing, but all the same that’s where we are. And let me say, I am extremely excited and hopeful about what comes next. The Lord is not finished with us yet. I am not discouraged, but rather encouraged by the response of God and his people in this time. That said, I feel like the Lord spoke to me last night, and this is some of what He said:

  • November 17th, 2012

Possess the Land

The last year or so has been both incredible and incredibly difficult. It often felt like God was doing incredible things (and He was), but it just as often felt like we were working really hard with few results. As Prayer on the Oval begins I believe God is stepping in to do an incredible work. I believe that this is exactly where God wants us and that He is preparing to pour out his Spirit on this campus. Leading up to this moment, Deuteronomy 11 has been on my heart (which for the record, was not something I went looking for. It found me)

  • September 14th, 2012


Recently I was asked to share a victory and a struggle currently being experienced at LoveOSU. The struggles were easy for me to come up with, but the victories were a lot harder. Even as I began to speak I found it hard to put the victories into words. But somehow I see victory, I know victory. It is not a blind belief that one day we will have victory, but a current experience of victory when there isn’t any logical reason or explanation. Jesus has come, and he has met with me, and my heart has been renewed.

  • August 25th, 2012