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Jesus, make me like you

Lord, make our hearts right before you. Meet each of us where we are and love us to the cross. Thank you for giving us your spirit and empowering us to finish the race. Rip every idol from our hands, tear down every high place in our lives, remove everything that gets in the way. […]

Burn Hot

He stood unashamed with fire in his eyes. The fire of his love for me. His mercy is my story and all that I can say is “Glory to God.” Lord Jesus we pray that the fire of your love for us would burn hot in our hearts. Deliver us from the sin that so […]

40 Days of Prayer

We are currently engaged in 40 Days of prayer for unity on campus. We are meeting every day for about 30 minutes to pray for unity on campus. To be notified of times and locations, please send a text message with the phrase “40PRAYER” followed by your name to: 202-656-7729

Prayer Focus – 2/3

I love the Lord, and He loves me. My desire is for him, and his desire is for me. Call on me and I will show you, and I will teach you, how I love. You try to hold onto your shame; let me have it. I died for you, that you would not carry […]

Prayer Focus – 10/4

Lord, Help us to love well and to humbly submit ourselves to each other. Send us where there is no¬†precedent and¬†increase our faith. May we believe that you have healed us and that you will heal this land; if only we would repent and ask of you. You are all we need. You are everything. […]