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We’re aware that it might come as a surprise that the prayer house is closing, but the house itself was never the end goal. Our goal was and is to spend time with Christ and to see others do the same. We want to see campus transformed by the power of prayer (that is, the power of personally interacting with Jesus). We want to see the body of Christ come together with one heart and one mind, to support each other as the Church. We’re not really sure what will replace the prayer house. The Lord has been saying many different things, and we’re still trying to figure out exactly what that means for us. (This blog post has more details if you’re interested.) In the mean time, here’s what we think is going to happen next:

  • We will continue to meet and pray together regularly. This will happen on the Oval, in the Union, and in people’s homes.
  • We will work to support and encourage others in prayer and fasting across the campus community.
  • The Lord will continue to live in and work through his people. We believe the presence of God will increase on campus as his people cry out for more of Him. Remember, God has not inhabited a building since before Pentecost. Since then, he has come to dwell in the hearts of those that love him. We, as his people, are the tabernacle (the house of prayer if you will) now.

In order to finish this season and look ahead, we need your help. We are currently 4 months behind on rent, and need to pay our final utility bills. All together, this amounts to approximately $3000. In order to cleanly sever ties with our current land lords, we need to pay these bills as soon as possible. Would you consider making a donation to help us meet this need? Instructions on how you can donate online or with a check are posted below.

If your church is interested in supporting the prayer house, and even if you just want to hear about what God has been doing, please email us:

On behalf of all the students that have met and will meet with God in this place,

Thank you.


Current students:

We are challenging all current students who have been blessed by the house to give $10 (or more if you want). We believe it is important for students to contribute and be a part of what God is doing both physically and financially.


One time donation



Checks should be made out to LoveOSU. They can be given to a member of the leadership team or mailed to:

1382 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH 43201
Please do not send mail to 43 w 10th.


We have a donations jar that is checked regularly at the prayer house. However, large donations should be given to a member of the leadership team.