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Take Action: get involved!

1. Pray. The foundation of everything that we do is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Take some time this week to pray and reconnect with Him. We’re working to develop prayer guides for those that want some additional direction in their prayer times. We will post these on the Resources page as they become available.

2. Pray Together. We believe there is something powerful about praying with others. Invite your friends to pray with you. LoveOSU isn’t about asking you to attend every one of our meetings, but about supporting you as you reach out to your community. However, we do host regular prayer meetings around campus. Meeting times and locations for Spring semester will be posted soon. Check out the Prayer on the Oval page for info about our outdoor prayer gathering.

3. Tell us your story. We love to hear about what the Lord is doing around campus. Feel free to email us (info@loveosu.org) or leave us a message (202-656-7729) and let us know what’s going on. LoveOSU is all about seeking the Lord in a spirit of unity. We want to see the body of Christ come together with one heart and one mind. That doesn’t mean that we need to all do the same thing, but we do need to be praying for and encouraging each other. Let us know how we can pray for you!


We are a small group of students, and we don’t have the money to support everything we believe the Lord is leading us to do. Please consider donating to support loveOSU at The Ohio State University.

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