What We Do

We Pray * Prayer on the Oval * Beyond OSU

1. We pray.

Not only do we encourage others to pray, but we do so from a culture of prayer ourselves. If you have a request for prayer (or an awesome story about how prayer was answered) send us an email: prayer@loveosu.com. We would love to partner with you in prayer.

2. The Prayer House- A tangible space.

The prayer house closed its doors December 1st, 2012. For 7 years, students used the house as a place of prayer and worship. It was a place to be quiet, and a place to be loud. It was a place to laugh and a place to cry. It was a place that changed the lives of hundreds of students. While the prayer house might be gone, that legacy is not. We are the house of prayer now. We continue to gather in various locations to pray.

We will continue to create tangible places of prayer. Keep an eye out for details as we create temporary prayer spaces around campus.

3. Facilitate a campus wide community of prayer.

  • Prayer on the Oval: Students gather to pray on the oval the first Monday of every month at 9pm. For more information and scheduled gatherings, check out this page: loveosu.org/ovalprayer
  • 24/7 Prayer: Love OSU regularly hosts weeks of 24/7 prayer on campus. We see that bold, persistent prayer is effective. First, it changes us. Then, it changes the world. Jesus told stories to encourage us to “cry out day and night” (Lk 18) and to persist in prayer. Campus churches and ministry take prayer blocks throughout the week that either take place at the Prayer House or a tent in the center of campus. Our vision is to see 24/7 prayer not just be a weeklong event, but a consistent rhythm of inviting God’s presence sustained by students. Stay tuned for more details or email us for more info on how you and/or your ministry can be involved. (info@loveosu.org)
  • We are making friends and praying together.

4. Help mobilize prayer on other campuses in Ohio and the Nation.

It’s spreading. Love OSU is humbled to be one of the first student prayer movements of its kind. We work with students from campuses in Ohio to unite in our efforts of prayer and network with schools across the nation that are seeking to carry out similar visions.